Exposing the Lies of the Medical Technocracy, MSM, Democrats and the Cancel Culture

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Sailing on a Ship of Fools

The MSM and Big Tech controls what most people believe is the truth but is really not. They are well coordinated by the political establishment, aka the Deep State. Your once normal daily life is being targeted, surveilled, censored and manipulated with subversive fear mongering through persuasive media advertising and by so-called medical "experts," not for your safety, but for their financial gain and for the New World Order, aka The Great Reset. You are told to do as they say but you can't do as they do. They say the vaccine is not mandatory, but guess what? You will be required to comply or be shut out from travel, employment, doctors offices, churches, schools, sports arenas, concerts, restaurants, gyms, and many other forms of social gatherings. Sounds like the shadowy, dystopian world of George Orwell's 1984. Those who do not comply with this overt tyranny will literally be thrown overboard like in the above illustration.
Wake up, fool! You are living it today.

George Orwell's quotation from 1984 that is even more truer today.

The mainstream media censors the truth about historical events and labels investigative research about them proving otherwise as conspiracy theories. Most people will believe the "official story." The official story is cast in concrete, not carved in stone. Concrete cracks and crumbles over time. But that takes many decades. Most of what we believe today is a big lie, built upon a number of smaller lies. Keep this in mind when the Biden administration appoints a "reality czar" and a "truth commission" to censor people who expose the truth. Those who censor truth with draconian-like laws have something very nefarious about their agenda to hide.

The Jabberwacko is a parody of "Through the Looking Glass" a novel by Lewis Carroll, featuring a dragon-like monster called 'The Jabberwock'. The government's incredible rush for everyone to get "the jab" seems very suspicious and nefarious to say the least. The numerous reports of injuries and hundreds of deaths from the covid vaccine as being "just coincidental" is politically dishonest and a controlled cover up by the MSM to push the dangerous vaccine on the whole population. The irresponsible haste to give everyone 'the shot' crosses the border of the diabolical. Any rational or even reasonable person should do a little research and not put all their trust in the mainstream media and government. Caveat emptor!

The traditional family and human identity are endangered. AI and depersonalization with face masks and social distancing are an existential threat to the human race as we know it. Incremental depopulation through insidious vaccines is also a factor.

Millions of Americans and people around the world are fooled again at NASA's astounding achievement of landing the "Perseverance" robotic explorer on Mars, the Red planet. But what's the big fuss about rocks? Billions of tax dollars to see more ROCKS? What about all the other intriguing artifacts up there? Is this the only kind of hard truth we are ever going to get from the good ol' folks at NASA, an occult government space agency?

I see aliens wearing face masks. We have been invaded and face masks are our silent acquiescence to the new normal.

"Try to be less White" is what the Coca-Cola company has instructed their staff and employees in their seminars. Yet another leftist absurdity that claims kids are taught being white is better. After all, "Things Go Better with Coke." I mean "Woke!" Maybe they should Try to be less Woke!

To dream the impossible dream. Unfortunately, not all impossible dreams are possible. Case in point. Democrat Socialist congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez believes in the Green New Deal where wind and solar energy will save the planet. AOC conveniently (or negligently) overlooked the uncontrollable force of nature called weather. She, like many of her followers are convinced her "green new deal" (a dictatorial technocracy) will solve all our energy problems. What happened in Texas is an ecological hard lesson and a rude wake up call. You cannot depend on wind turbines and "windmills of the mind" to meet the energy needs of millions of people. The Keystone pipeline and other traditional energy sources like coal and natural gas may have prevented the catastrophe.

Parody of Moby Dick with Donald Trump as the rising Great White Whale and Nancy Pelosi as the wicked Captain Ahab.

The goal of the Covid pandemic is to set the stage for the Great Reset by killing the U.S.ecomomy.

Joe "Not My President" is wearing his face mask over his eyes. This is probably the proper way to wear a protective face covering because the covid virus can also enter through the eyelid membrane called the "conjunctiva." However, a regular cloth face mask worn this way may impair your vision which is indicative of the way Joe Biden has been governing the country.

The silence of the masses to resist results in the loss of freedom in this world for everyone.

Joe Biden indicates to attendees at his inaugural address how widespread his election fraud was, while delivering plagiarized portions of a speech fed through a concealed mike in his left ear.

Insider trading is robbing the poor to give to the rich. That's how it was supposed to work. However, small investors succeeded in beating Wall Street fat cats at their own game. David slew Goliath.

* Ship of Fools cover banner: A old 15th century wood carving by Albrecht Durer which probably depicted the dire state of European civilization during the dark ages and the black plague. A supremely gifted and versatile German artist of the Renaissance period, Albrecht Dürer (1471–1528) was born in the Franconian city of Nuremberg, one of the strongest artistic and commercial centers in Europe during the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. He was a brilliant painter, draftsman, and writer, though his first and probably greatest artistic impact was in the medium of printing woodcut illustrations.

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