Hi, I'm Giselle.

I was the one who heard you sing in the market.

Do you remember?


oh what

You're even cuter than I've remembered.

Your daddy is at home.

Mr. Aguilar?



Founder of Find Your Dream.

Nice to meet you.

I'd love to steal five minutes from you.

And I think Rocío has the talent it takes to enter this world of entertainment.

Sure, I'd have to take her to our annual talent scouting tomorrow.

If I were you, I would convince him.

Who is this cute thing?

Is it your little brother?


What is your name?

[ # background music, children playing in the background # ]



Men are not allowed in the kitchen.

But the collections at 7pm.



Well my love.

We come.


See you, okay?

Well, there I order them a lot.


[ # background music, children playing in the background # ]

He is inside.

He is charging.

If it disconnects, we can kiss and say goodbye.

[ # background music, children playing in the background # ]

It's a messy world.

I've been to many murder scenes.

But this shit is different.

As soon as I go to bed, all I see are the faces of those children.

I don't think I can do this job, Tim.

Let me ask you something.

How many pedophiles do you have?

From today?



It's not that bad.

How many children did you find?

There's a good chance most of those kids are outside the US, Chris.

So our job is to catch pedophiles.

And that is.

It's a messy world, right?

[ # background music, children playing in the background # ]

Hello, Sr. Olshinsky.

I'm Agent Ballard.

I'm in charge of your case.

Everyone has gone home for the weekend.

So, just the two of us.

How about we get some fresh air?

Let's go.

Put your shoes on.

Let's go.

I really feel connected to you.

As maybe you understand.

I need to know.

I can trust in you?


Look, part of my job is to look at everything.

You tell me how am I supposed to contemplate such beauty.

Now, it attracts me.


Do you want me to think you're one of us?

Do you think I'm that stupid?

Just the brave act.

The rest are tyrannized by a legal system made by cowardly men who cannot admit their true desires.

End quote.

So what?

You read my book.

I studied your book.

You read my book.


Dad's house!

Alright everyone, let's go.

We have to clear the place now.

We will arrive late. Come on.

Are you OK?

Come on, Tim, what's going on?

Just give me a week.


That's all I ask.

One week.

Sr. Oshinsky.

Time to leave.

In short, they have you.

20 to 30 conservative.

But here's the thing.

Whatever they build against you, I'm not done.

That's my job.

But this is what I need.

I need a real one.

I don't act on my fantasies.

What about that trip you took last year?

The one from Cortania?

The butterfly cruise?

No more.

I need this, my friend.

It's as bad as you.

Why do I already have three copies?

Not that way.

There is an inscription inside.

Just for you.

To the bravest men I know.

Though I didn't know it at the time.

It's very sweet.

Push the page.

His name is Denny Bear.

My god, it's so small.

This time tomorrow, that child is going to be yours for the whole weekend.

I'm not going to let it go.

This little guy is going to be yours for the whole weekend.

You better not have stuff.

Beyond the rat on your neck.

And you would be thrown into the sea.

And that you should never hurt one of these little ones.

What does that mean?

You are under arrest for crimes against children.

Trusted in you.

Never trust a pedophile.

My god, it's so small.

Is there some kind of problem, officer?

Oh yeah, that's an old photo.

You know how kids are these days.

They just grow so fast.

That's him.

No, no, I'm his uncle.

I'm his uncle

You just asked him.

just ask him.

I'm his uncle


What the hell is this?

It's a...

It is a small tail.

No, it's not a name.

It's a real name.


Miguel I love you.

Why don't you go right there?


Has lacerations consistent with sexual assault.

He only has three or four days.

It's a Mustang.

It's a very fast car.

I'm hungry.

Do you want a hamburger?

You are seven and a half years old.

Is it April already?

No, it's June.

July second. Because?

So I already have eight.

I have a son your same age.

His name is Kevin.

My name is Tim.

Tim Ballard.

But you can call me Tim Teo.

Tim Teo.

That's my name in Spanish, isn't it?

It has your name on it.

My brother gave it to me.

He gave it to me.

You rescue children, right?

Maybe you can help me find her.

Where is your sister?

The beach is the perfect place for a photo session.

You like the beach, right?


Simba? Why so sad?

My name is not Simba.

Oh ok. From now on yes.

Ma'am, my dad doesn't know.

Your dad already knows.

Your dad already knows.



It can not be, it can not be!


No! Where are they taking them?

Please take them to our house!

Shut up or I'll break your snout!

No Please!

To which children help us!

This is a disaster!

To which children help us!

To which children help us!

Mom help me!

Please help!

Someone please help!

There are two things you should know about Vampire.

He ran the money laundering operations of the Cali Cartel in the 1990s.

He did time in prison.

And the second thing, buy children.

But then he releases them.

He puts these children in safe houses.

It gives them a new lease on life.



Some ground rules, Timothy.

Don't ever come into my office again.

looking like you just stepped out of some crazy banana republican.

Save that for Bogota, man.

This is Cartagena.

It is a beach town, a party town.

Lighten up.


Guys here looking for some fart action.

What is he wearing?

Chagreta, flip flops, t-shirt.


What I need to see is a rich, horny, hungover American.

Drinking a beer, getting out of a big car that's honking

and something hateful and black.

Now, Timoteo, the boy, Miguel, back with his father, huh?


How did that make you feel?

Give a child his freedom?

It felt good.

Like, back rub good or chicken wings good?

What kind of good are we talking about here?

The kind that gives hope.

Come on, friend.

You haven't had this for 12 years.

Why do you do it?

Because the children of God are not for sale.

That's why I give you my Friday night.

The plan unfolds.

Now, sister, pretty.

What's it called?


As of this moment, she could be a block away.

or I could be in Moscow, Bangkok, LA


Do you know an attractive young woman who matches your Giselle?

senior operator.

Run 10, 15 kids.

Get your kids out of Central America

so you don't have to deal with the Colombian police.

He attracts them with his gaze, promises the sun.

A month later, they are doing five, six trips a night.

Do you have his photo?

That's the easy part.

Meet Miss Cartagena.

Your family beauty queen.

Her name is Gati Juarez.

She is clean.

Not even a parking ticket in colonial days.

No record of having left Colombia since the age of 12.

Grant me an appointment.

Tell Miss Cartagena...

you have a rich american, horny and hungover

looking for some fart action.

You don't just set up a date with Gati Juárez.

She only deals with street dealers,

people you know, old friends.

She keeps her nails very clean.

That's one tough dog from Marlon.


That guy made about a quarter of a million a month.

You said that Gati has about 15, 20 children, right?

Scattered throughout Cartagena?

Probably some Cali Medellin.

So let's see if it could be anywhere.

But what if we needed all those kids?

No complaint there, friend.

Have you ever heard of Club Bangkok?

It's a members-only club full of rich perverts,

members of high society, CEOs.

It is a high-end facility.

Stocked 24-7 with 100 kids.

And who supplied them?

A group of sex traffickers gone greedy.

If they can build one in Bangkok,

we can build one here.

Do you want to build a high-end sex hotel?

Yes, I do, and I'm just not the right investor.

Abo Delgado.

That's a $4 billion real estate development company.

with shares all over the world.

He loves to play cop.

We've already used it on two separate missions.

You eat these things.

Look, my friend.

And you can build a sex hotel wherever you want.

You know someone who can bring a deal like this

to the market?

Hi love.

Hello handsome.

I love it.


And where is your horny friend?

Change of plans.

Put on a bow tie.

We are going to the elegant part of the city.

Like the old times.


This boy doesn't have to worry.

That's all, friend.

No more tooth water.

I think I'll have to expand your hotel.

I guess I'll have to expand your mind

to a whole new reality.


These gentlemen want to build an exclusive members-only

club near cartagena.

Annual quota?

$100,000 per member.

They take care of the facilities.

We take care of talent.

Members get a world-class resort

with full access to models 24-7.

All you can eat.

Internal models.


How young?

shock me

Which one is this?

The Galacas.

They used to deliver escorts for Escobar.

He sold me a chicken last year.

Nine years old.

He was.

Nine legitimate or 15 years?

with pigtails

I'll include the cocaine.


How many chickens do you want?

To start, 50 or 60.



Go big or go home.


I think you ate the worm.

I think he just sobered up.

That's a lot of chickens, Daddy.

No one can do that alone.

I'm not asking if you can do it alone.

I'm just asking if you can do it.

I've been calling you, Miss Cartagena, over and over again,

And yet somehow, somehow you've failed to bring me

a real world leader.

Or an American child, or an American drug dealer.

For a reason DC would let you

a million miles from this tank.

But the clamor shots at Miss Cartagena don't count.

She has the girl.

And I say that the girl is in Russia. Prove me wrong.

It's over, Tim.

Close up.

Get on the plane and, uh,

and come home

The bureaucracy sucks.

This is why

I operate black.

Have a nice flight, Timothy.

You were a poster guy.


You kept your mouth shut.

He did his time.

I could have picked up where you left off.

you bought a condo

on the beach.

Instead, you are doing this.



I had that condo

on the beach.

Fifteenth floor.

marble everything,

overlooking the entire bay.

First night out of jail

I slept in my own bed.

Day two, he was back in business.

The same life as always.


it doesn't feel good

not the drugs,

not the prostitutes,

But damn it, I didn't keep trying.

Then one night

I'm leaving a bar

all high on coke

and i realize this

young lady in the corner

good looking, maybe 20, 25.

Take her to my house.

We do the deed, we pay the bill.

she puts on her shoes

and I notice something.

I feel your foot.

She has these little

pink cat faces

painted on the toenails.

And it hit me.

Now he is 25.

And she looks up

and their eyes connect.

it was as if they granted me

a look into his soul

and all i saw

it was sadness

I don't know where she starts

talking. It turns out that she is now

25, not even 20.

this girl is 14

years, to my tail.

He has been doing it since he was 6 years old.

look at me

smile, take the money,

walks out the door.


I am hit by this tidal wave.

it's tsunami

of darkness.

And I know,

I am the sadness in his eyes.


I am the darkness.

And I know,

I am the sadness in his eyes.


I am the darkness.

And I know,


Has to die


I get my .45,

put it in my head

put my finger on the trigger.


if there is a time to ask

if God exists,

that would not be

So I did.

and God

tells you what to do

You can't doubt.

I will not be alone.

I just have to convince Pablo.



you quit your job

and you are going to rescue

Those kids.

my resignation is

in your box


you realize

you are ten months away

to invest your pension?



I did everything I could,

but the law is

I have to

do it.


I did everything I could,

but the law is the law.

Did you know that there were more than 22 million

new images of child pornography on the web

last year?

That's a 5,000% increase

In the last five years.


The fact is,

is the fastest growing international

criminal network that the world has ever seen.

I agree, because we are going to work.

with the US government

it's past

the illegal arms trade,

and soon the drug trade will pass.

You want to know why?

Cause you can sell a bag of cocaine one time

to the kid,

the most precious child

You can sell a five year old.

five to ten boy

times a day

for ten years in a row.


in ordinary people,

you don't want to hear it.

It's too ugly for polite conversation.

But meanwhile,

more than two million children a year

they are being sucked into the deepest corners of hell.

Trust me man.

If we don't do anything

your pain

it will spread and spread

Until someday

it will reach people like you.

And that will be a nightmare.

from which you will never wake up.

I'm sorry.

Oh Lord,

The man who just came out asked me to give him this.



Can I come help you?

Jorge found this property in the Bay of Cartagena.

It is a private island confiscated by the Colombian government.

Here is the detail of that.

The palapa will be located here.

The traffickers will come from here.

So what do you think?


Not bad, huh?

Let's find it in Bogota

and excite him.

My love.

Pablo Delgado.

My love.

Too stiff. let go

If you don't know what to say, just don't say anything.


Forget the smile.

I forgot.

let go.

My love.

A place.

Yeah, I don't know about the kiss.

I love you.

I love you too.

You are a man of the soul.

Let me introduce Cati.

Cati, this is the man

that will make your dreams come true.



The stupid.

Don Fire.

You know her. Caracas.


Do you want a drink?

We have 14 members showing up for the launch party.

Plus a dozen prospects.

and we would like

all our talent on site,

rested, tested and ready

rock the day before

The first guest arrives.



how many can you deliver?

You asked for 50.

At least that.


if you're lucky.

Tell me, honey.

What do you like?

Delivery not less than 50 miles,

and you leave the island

with 100 thousand.

Hello, brothers.

Cheers, girl.


It's okay, it's managed.

We have the support of our embassy in Colombia.

One of our guys will track down the raid.

in case you need any legal support.

Hello, Tim.


I've been thinking.

It's okay Parker.

Negotiations over there.

I want the children back here,

as far away from the traffickers as possible.

They did not bring all the children.

I'm not surprised

There has to be less than 30.

This is a beauty.

You keep the rest of the talent

in the glove department?

They will be here soon.

Yo mori.

And I'm in heaven.

This is paradise.

Osorio Rodriguez.

But my friends call me meat.

Meat is a good name.

Carne is our lawyer.

He is a good friend of Debore's.

No no no no no.

No, don't joke.

I like getting into the ring.

I just want it.

the white cart

the white face

And what is plan B?

We wait.

We're not going to lose the children in the other boat.

Lucio must be with them.

Or you will listen to me.

when you land,

take that fat bulldog,

get him off the island,

keep him separated and uncuffed.

No no no no no.

I'm sorry.

He is mine.

Pick another.

You are kidding, right?

Do you know where else is

dangerous place in colombia

between me

and my chicken.

You're a great man, huh?

I can't kill you without a glass.

I mean, you're just as bad as ours.

Woof, woof, woof, woof, woof, woof.


give the man what he wants.

Woof, woof, woof, woof, woof, woof.


give the man what he wants.


tell your idiot to put away his gun.


Come on guys.

Let's have a drink, huh?

you have all afternoon

in that damn bungalow.


Are you Don Rey?

Sets up us above.

we rescued 54.

In the lamp, boss.

# background music, children playing in the background # ]

Do you hear that?

# background music, children playing in the background # ]

That is the sound of freedom.


Benny Buby.

She has left.

They sold it to the wrong guy.

Unless that guy needs our help.

I remember hearing of groups that could sweet talk their way into those areas.

Medical people.

She didn't call it malaria.

Dead gay fever.

It makes me wonder if there are epidemics in the mountains these days.

Rise your hand.


I said raise your hand.

My love.

Now you are a doctor.

Move up in life.


I have orders

I can go to the river.

No more.

When you get to that water, you're on your own.

Do me a favor.

Keep this with you.


You can keep it in your wallet or, I don't know, inject it.


So you can locate our bodies.

Hey, Matthew.

If things go bad tomorrow, which is not particularly unlikely,

no marine unit is coming.

we're done


Take this.

I will feel more secure.

I think I'll be better off without him.

I hope we have a warm welcome.

Alone, doctors!

Do not shoot!

Do not shoot!


You're crazy?


Do not shoot!

Do not shoot!

We are all soldiers!

We can't shoot!

Take it easy!

Take it easy!

What is it?


Is it clean.

The big ones, the big ones. Do you copy?

Yes, it looks like they are vaccines.

Yes Boss.

Don't look at me, you son of a bitch. Do not look at me!

Only one of you is coming with us.


Who's going?

Here, the key.


pass them on

Let's go.

Where are you going?

Take it easy.

If I come back in the dark, we could hit a roundabout.

Move it!

Let's go!

Let's go.

What is happening?

He is alone.

What is happening?

I do not know.



We've got some balls coming here, dude.

Correa must be crazy.

There are cases in Leticia, San Gil, and it can spread like wildfire.

So, with your permission, I'd like to take the rest of the night to find someone who might need our immediate attention.

If I do, God forbid, we'll have to evacuate them immediately.

It's the only way to make sure cholera doesn't spread.


Yes. It's just our protocol.

Yes Yes.

Find six people, God forbid, and bring them to me.

My protocol.




Lucille Aguilar?

Oh Lord.

Come. I come to help you.

Come here.

Oh shit.

I need you to tell me where you sleep.

No, look.

There you are.

Is this one sick?

No no no. They are fine. She is fine.

Come on. Come on, mija. Get to work.

do me.


Sit down to the gringo so they can keep an eye on my boys.

Hello friend. Come on man.

Let's go.


No, oh, no. No.



Come come.

I'm going to keep an eye on my little girl.

Share. Share.

You need to do exactly what I tell you.

Or they're going to kill us both. You understand me?

It was the belief they gave me.

It did not reach life.

Why did you scream, mija?

I was screaming. A nightmare.

Poor dear.

Why did you scream, mija?

I was screaming. A nightmare.

Why did you scream, mija?

Poor dear.

You worry?

Let's make those nightmares have a happy ending.

And disappear, okay?




Why are you afraid?

Do you know I'm not going to hurt you?

That. She closes your eyes.



The Paths of Sight!

Right inside.

It's time to go home now, to Gaza.

Na-na-na-na-na, na-na-na-na, na-na, na-na.

Na-na-na-na, na-na-na-na.

Na-na-na-na-na, na-na-na-na, na-na.

Na-na-na-na-na, na-na-na-na.

Na-na-na-na-na, na-na-na-na.

Na-na-na-na-na, na-na-na-na.

Na-na-na-na-na, na-na-na-na.

Na-na-na-na-na, na-na-na-na.

Na-na-na-na-na, na-na-na-na.

Na-na-na-na-na, na-na-na-na.

Na-na-na-na-na, na-na-na-na.

Na-na-na-na-na, na-na-na-na.

Na-na-na-na-na, na-na-na-na.

Na-na-na-na-na, na-na-na-na.

Na-na-na-na-na, na-na-na-na.

Na-na-na-na-na, na-na-na-na.

Na-na-na-na-na, na-na-na-na.


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