We are sailing on a ship of fools, the majority of which are either unaware or don't care about what is really going on. The minority, who are aware and do care, are trying to wrestle control away from the mad captain who is steering the ship into a terrible storm that will ultimately capsize and sink the ship, leaving few survivors.
Mutiny is the only option.

Nate Anthony, SOF.org



“People can't hear anything except when it's nonsense. Then they hear every word. If you try to talk sense, they think you don't mean it, or don't know anything anyway, or it's not true, or it's against religion, or it's not what they are used to reading in the newspapers...”

Katherine Anne Porter,
Ship of Fools

Albrecht Durer 15th century woodcut

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The MSM and Big Tech controls what most people believe is the truth but is really not. They are well coordinated by the political establishment, aka the Deep State. Your once normal daily life is being targeted, surveilled, censored and manipulated with subversive fear mongering through persuasive media advertising and by so-called medical "experts," not for your safety, but for their financial gain and for the New World Order, aka The Great Reset. You are told to do as they say but you can't do as they do. They say the vaccine is not mandatory, but guess what? You will be required to comply or be shut out from travel, employment, doctors offices, churches, schools, sports arenas, concerts, restaurants, gyms, and many other forms of social gatherings. Sounds like the shadowy, dystopian world of George Orwell's 1984. Those who do not comply with this overt tyranny will literally be thrown overboard like in the above illustration. Wake up, fool! You are living it today.
What can we do?

People of all nations do not want war. The world's criminal sociopath elitists and bankers create wars for political power and greed. Arrest them all if you want peace!

Why does the United Sates have its military forces defending other nations borders around the world, but don't defend its own borders?

We have reached the turning-away point in trusting "official" news sources. Conspiracy theories have a credible track record of uncovering the truth behind the false narratives imposed on us by mainstream media astigmatism and government censorship. Trust the conspiracy theory if you seek the truth. The truth is not alone.

It was a peaceful rally which was hijacked by leftist provocateurs who started the violence to entrap President Trump and his supporters. It was staged by the Democrats so Biden's fraudulent election would be certified without opposition or question. Trump was not charged or convicted of insurrection. No one who was arrested or jailed was charged with insurrection. Yet the controlled media persists in calling a protest an insurrection, which is a false narrative that the Democrats are using for political advantage to prevent Trump from being a candidate in the upcoming 2024 presidential election.

The world is in a coordinated and orchestrated economic and health crisis by the political forces of an agenda driven by the Great Reset. Save planet Earth from the corrupt politicians and media parrots who are controlled by globalists, marxists, democrats and elitists.

A timely quote by Henry David Thoreau, a 19th century American essayist, philosopher, poet and author of "Walden." A federal court judge barred multiple federal departments and federal officials from contacting social media companies to remove content the judge said is protected by the First Amendment.

God's children are not for sale. The Sound of Freedom is a rescued child. Traffickers of children will be brought to justice and will spend their life in prison. Text of movie in English subtitles

Biden's justice department is an arm of his crime family. His son was given a free pass while his political opponent was arrested & charged. Biden is a wannabe dictator, but in reality, he's a frail puppet whose strings are about to break.

The Federal indictment of former president Donald Trump for alleged illegal possession of classified documents is blatant election interference and selective political prosecution by a corrupt justice department.

FOX News has struck a massive iceberg. Their top news anchor, Tucker Carlson, has "parted waves" with FOX. The beleaguered network is sinking fast. Abandoning viewership has cost FOX News billions in revenue and plummeting ratings.

Iceberg straight ahead! The Demoncrats and their woke administration are going down, sinking fast. Abandon ship!! Not enough life boats. Save the moderates.

Pray for peace and an end to politically motivated divisiveness.

Democracy is under attack by governments that say they are democratic institutions, but are really not. The Democrat Party in the U.S. is one of them. They arrest peaceful protesters and people who speak the truth while they let agent provocateurs commit violence and burn down stores but do not arrest or prosecute them. We have hipocrisy not democracy.

The World Health Organization has issued an accord for countries to sign ceding all medical authority to them in the event of a pandemic. The W.H.O. will literary become a medical dictatorship. Bill Gates is the largest contributor to the W.H.O. and practically owns them. He has powerful influence with the Democrats. This accord is currently under consideration for signing by President Biden. Constitutionally, he cannot sign it without a 2/3 vote of approval from the Senate. But he could sign it anyway and give the W.H.O. authority to forcibly vaccinate you in the event of a declared national pandemic.
The only way out is to stop funding them and withdraw U.S. membership from the W.H.O. Biden will not do this, but Trump will because he did this when he was president. Biden rejoined the W.H.O. when he became president. That should tell you all you need to know.

Vaccines and guns can be lethal weapons in the wrong hands.

What the globalists have in mind is world serfdom, a "New Feudalism." A dystopian planetary society where people are restricted to 15 minutes travel time to get what they need. "Smart and secure" but really population prisons in practice. They want to own your freedom. And they will, if you let them.

Ask yourself who benefits from all the "accidental" train derailments of toxic chemicals that are occurring in the U.S.?

The State is not the nation, and the State can be modified and even abolished in its present form, without harming the nation. On the contrary, with the passing of the dominance of the State, the genuine life-enhancing forces of the nation will be liberated.

Imagine if you will a town called Fetterville ...

The Queen is the strongest piece on the chess board, and now that she is out of the way, the Monarchy is in check. The King is really a weak piece without the Queen. Checkmate is close at hand.

An adaptation of the epic poem "The Charge of the Light Brigade" by Alfred Lord Tennyson written in 1854. A few changed words give it new meaning and surprisingly apply to the 87,000 IRS agents.

The CDC and WHO are like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Now that the Hyde personality has satisfied his cruel appetite for draconian tyranny with torturous lock downs and banishment for those who didn't comply with the jab, all is just normal again, so it seems. Let's forgive and forget. Mr. Hyde's character was grievously inhumane, causing the deaths of thousands of good people and permanent injuries to millions. Are we to believe Mr. Hyde didn't know what he was doing? Both Jekyll and Hyde knew damn well what they were doing!

After two and a half years, Dr. Jekyll suddenly appears out of nowhere, takes off his mask and admits Mr. Hyde may have acted unfairly and was a bit too heavy handed with his treatment policy and mandates. It was for the common good. But wait a minute. "What we have here is a failure to communicate." Dr. Jekyll can't be trusted because Mr. Hyde is his evil alter ego. Sooner or later he will act up again. The moral of this story is Mr. Hyde can run, but he can't hide!

Video from Fritz Lang's METROPOLIS. Music by Pink Floyd..

But thus shall you deal with them: you shall break down their altars and dash in pieces their pillars and chop down their Asherim and burn their carved images with fire.
Deuteronomy 7:5 (NSV)

MEME of the DAY


A new phrase being aggressively banned from social media is
"mass formation psychosis" disorder. It's similar to Stockholm syndrome,
but effecting a large population... i.e., the entire world.

Going along with what you know is wrong is an act of cowardice.

WE The People must awaken ALL The People!

Freedom is a fundamental and unalienable right of all people. It isn't something that is always free. Others may try to take it away from you and you will have to fight to get it back. The longer you wait and the more you comply the harder it will be to get your freedom back.

George Orwell's quotation from 1984 that is even more truer today.

The mainstream media censors the truth about historical events and labels investigative research proving otherwise as conspiracy theories. Most people will believe the "official story." The official story is the real conspiracy. Most of what we believe today is a big lie, built upon a number of smaller lies. A false narrative is fed to the masses by leftist or progressive controlled media. The so-called "cancel culture" wants to erase and edit history to create a false version of our world view. Those who censor truth with draconian-like laws have something very nefarious about their agenda to hide.

The Science is about subjecting you to medical thugs with poisonous vaccines.
It's NOT about protecting people from the Covid virus. Follow the Money!

A hybrid of 2 words, quantum and quandary. What Einstein (paraphrasing Shakespeare's Hamlet) might say about the covid vaccines that are not really vaccines but experimental gene therapy.

Paraphrase of the biblical quote "And the meek shall inherit the earth." Maybe the unvaccinated are only the ones who will survive whatever the End of Days is.

The Alpha and the Omega quote is from Revelation 22:13.

A reading of Revelation 6:2 strangely reveals who the rider of the first horse of the apocalypse is. The white horse perhaps represents the white coat of a doctor, the crown means "corona" and the bow and arrow are the vaccine shots. The white horse is a conqueror. The Book of Revelation speaks to us metaphorically about the prophetic dreams and visions of St. John.

A variant strain of Pink Floyd, from The Wall..
"If You don't take the shot, You can't have your freedom."
(How can You have any freedom if You don't take the shot?)

Science in the hands of corrupt individuals can become a technocracy of absolute power.

Gaslighting means to manipulate people by psychological means or through disinformation to believe something that is false. The covid vaccines are not what the mainstream media is telling you. "Follow the science" is their mantra. Not! Follow your instincts. "My body, my choice, my right!"

There are many reports by vaccinated people of small magnets sticking to their arm.

Forced vaccination is assault and rape. It's a human rights violation and a Nuremberg Code crime punishable by imprisonment or death.

Big pharma's push to vaccinate everyone seems to have a nefarious purpose.

How else do you explain the fact that the European Union’s vaccine injury reporting system had logged 330,218 adverse event reports, including 7,766 deaths, as of April 17, 2021 and the U.S. reporting system had logged 118,902 adverse event reports as of April 23, including 3,544 deaths and 12,618 serious injuries, yet all of these injuries and deaths are simply ignored and the call for everyone to get their jab continues unabated — all while bashing vaccine hesitancy as a mental illness, intellectual deficit or act of domestic terrorism?!
In a utilitarian system, you cease to be an individual with rights and are subject to an autonomous decision. You become a tool of the government, and that’s exactly what we’re seeing here. Government has apparently decided that some people — quite a few people, apparently — are expendable, which is the exact converse of what they’re telling us publicly.
(Above statistics from vaers.hhs.gov)

"Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth." (Matthew 5:5)

The jab you must refuse!

Article 1 of the Nuremberg Code forbids experimental vaccines being given to uninformed people without their consent and also through force or coercion, and to children without the informed consent or permission of their parents or guardian. Hundreds, if not thousands of legal cases worldwide are being prepared with criminal indictments to medical professionals, scientists, and politicians who are in violation of the Nuremberg Code. They will be tried for crimes against humanity and they will be punished. This is happening now and the trials will be coming very soon.

The "Lawless One" has opened up our southern border, allowed cartels to come in and reap huge profits from drugs and child trafficking, allowed transgender males to compete with biological females in sports, ended the Keystone pipeline killing thousands of jobs, wants a nationwide mask mandate and mandatory vaccinations, wants national vaccine passports, is against voter id, and supports infringements on 2nd amendment gun rights.

President Biden gums up his news conference.

An imaginary protest gathering of popular cartoon characters that have been removed from TV, movies and videos by cancel culture groups. The real looney tunes are the people who would seriously believe they could remove these cherished cartoon characters that we all grew up with from today's innocent children. They will become more popular then ever. Say NO to Cancel Culture!

Parody of cult sci-fi movie "Attack of the 50 ft. Woman" Big Pharma is out to get you and will stop at nothing to give you and everyone else the shot.

The "Mark of the Sheep" is a beta test for the Mark of the Beast. That doesn't mean those who have taken the mRNA vaccine have not already been 'marked' and can undo the damage it may have done to their body. The DNA changes to your cells are irreversible. The Covid vaccines are experimental vaccines and not FDA approved but "EUA" Emergency Use Authorization only. This means the vaccine companies are not responsible for any injury or death resulting from their use and your health insurance will not cover treatments for possible harmful side effects to your body. However, you will get a passport and you can join the other sheep at all vaccine friendly establishments or take a trip with those who refuse in a crowded boxcar to a designated fun camp.

The Jabberwacko is a parody of "Through the Looking Glass" a novel by Lewis Carroll, featuring a dragon-like monster called 'The Jabberwock'. The government's incredible rush for everyone to get "the jab" seems very suspicious and nefarious to say the least. The numerous reports of injuries and hundreds of deaths from the covid vaccine as being "just coincidental" is politically dishonest and a controlled cover up by the MSM to push the dangerous vaccine on the whole population. The irresponsible haste to give everyone 'the shot' crosses the border of the diabolical. Any rational or even reasonable person should do a little research and not put all their trust in the mainstream media and government. Caveat emptor!

It's My Party was a popular song back in the mid '60s. Ship of Fools was a big hit in 1987. Today, in many states and countries having a party is against Covid social distancing orders and regulations. You can be fined for having more than the allowed number of guests in your own home or even be arrested and jailed. This is still true a year later, especially in Canada, the UK, Australia, New Zealand and some "Blue States" like California, Michigan, and New York. Tyranny is running rampant in these places.
Why do people living there tolerate it? Many do not. But those who obey such draconian restrictions are the reason such absurd restrictions still persist. These obedient and misguided souls are the real problem. Their personal lives, their freedom, and businesses suffer as a result of a fake pandemic instilled in them by a deceiving government and a lying hypocritical media. Wearing a mask is a form of social kidnapping. Obsessive compulsive mask wearers are now suffering from a psychological disorder known as Stockholm syndrome.
This is not about a real virus at all. It's about population control and incremental reduction. You can figure out 'the how' of the latter part for yourself. This situation will persist as long as people don't summon up enough courage to resist and tell their captors "No More," before it is too late.

The traditional family and human identity are endangered. AI and depersonalization with face masks and social distancing are an existential threat to the human race as we know it. Incremental depopulation through insidious vaccines is also a factor.

Millions of Americans and people around the world are fooled again at NASA's astounding achievement of landing the "Perseverance" robotic explorer on Mars, the Red planet. But what's the big fuss about rocks? Billions of tax dollars to see more ROCKS? What about all the other intriguing artifacts up there? Is this the only kind of hard truth we are ever going to get from the good ol' folks at NASA, an occult government space agency?

I see aliens wearing face masks. We have been invaded and face masks are our silent acquiescence to the new normal.

"Try to be less White" is what the Coca-Cola company has instructed their staff and employees in their seminars. Yet another leftist absurdity that claims kids are taught being white is better. After all, "Things Go Better with Coke." I mean "Woke!" Maybe they should Try to be less Woke!

To dream the impossible dream. Unfortunately, not all impossible dreams are possible. Case in point. Democrat Socialist congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez believes in the Green New Deal where wind and solar energy will save the planet. AOC conveniently (or negligently) overlooked the uncontrollable force of nature called weather. She, like many of her followers are convinced her "green new deal" (a dictatorial technocracy) will solve all our energy problems. What happened in Texas is an ecological hard lesson and a rude wake up call. You cannot depend on wind turbines and "windmills of the mind" to meet the energy needs of millions of people. The Keystone pipeline and other traditional energy sources like coal and natural gas may have prevented the catastrophe.

The goal of the Covid pandemic is to set the stage for the Great Reset by killing the U.S.ecomomy.

Joe "Not My President" is wearing his face mask over his eyes. This is probably the proper way to wear a protective face covering because the covid virus can also enter through the eyelid membrane called the "conjunctiva." However, a regular cloth face mask worn this way may impair your vision which is indicative of the way Joe Biden has been governing the country.

The silence of the masses to resist results in the loss of freedom in this world for everyone.

* Ship of Fools cover banner: A old 15th century wood carving by Albrecht Durer which probably depicted the dire state of European civilization during the dark ages and the black plague. A supremely gifted and versatile German artist of the Renaissance period, Albrecht Dürer (1471–1528) was born in the Franconian city of Nuremberg, one of the strongest artistic and commercial centers in Europe during the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. He was a brilliant painter, draftsman, and writer, though his first and probably greatest artistic impact was in the medium of printing woodcut illustrations.

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